The 2019 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) has undergone amazing transformation. Richang Wood Invites You to Appreciate!



30 years of precipitation and development

Richang inherits extraordinary bearing

Amazing Appearance at China Construction Expo

Sincerely Invite Appreciation

30 years of ingenuity,

Not for the prosperity of the easy ingenuity,

Persistence in the inheritance of traditional crafts

And bold innovation in the material

Explore the balance between aesthetics and function



Details and quality, advocating a sense of ceremony,

Although the two are opposite to each other, they are not contradictory,

It's what people want in life today,

Home to have a quiet feeling, touch the depths of the heart.


Explore the culture and art of the times, apply modern symbols to modern design, remove the high-profile of gorgeous colors, and advocate a flamboyant, frank and free attitude towards life like an artist.


The ultimate home for texture requirements are extremely demanding

Meticulous to every touch is soft as silk

Meticulous to every piece of home and light between the echo

It's just perfect



A seemingly inadvertently placed object

It's a toecup or a plain sculpture.

All jiao chant that I am expensive to the world with humility Xiangcheng


There is not too much flashy, gorgeous color, the overall space in the wood color and metal outline, exudes a chic charm, according to the people's inner wind light clouds light low-key.

Light luxury is never a fixed theme

It just expresses a kind of spiritual pursuit

It can encompass all kinds of amorous feelings and make it

Reasonable get along with not abrupt not absurd


Exhibition Information]

Time to carry outJuly 8-July 11, 2019

Exhibition Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou▪Poly Pavilion

Booth No.:18.1-20


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