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In the home industry, the situation of luxury furniture is not optimistic. However, compared with the "winter" experienced by many luxury brands, luxury has gradually become the new favorite of the new middle class.


The overall trend of "light luxury" keywords in Baidu index from 2016 to 2019

In recent years, the luxury of the Baidu index overall upward trend, Baidu index increase is large and obvious. To some extent, this shows that luxury has gradually become a focus of modern people's attention.

In the home industry, some high-end furniture companies are positioning in order to narrow the distance between consumers, many companies are also actively entering the field of luxury. For example, hotel furniture old Richang furniture launched the original designRichang-Light Luxury WoodIn order to "fashion home, light luxury life" as the positioning is the representative of light luxury furniture.


The change of consumption concept brings new market opportunities

In English, luxury is generally referred to as Accessible luxury or Affordable luxury, which translates into Chinese as "affordable luxury".

With the continuous upgrading of consumption and the improvement of cultural literacy, people's consumption concept has also undergone earth-shaking changes: from simple consumption of what to buy to big-name consumption blindly following the trend, to sensory consumption that pays attention to quality brands, and now to perceptual consumption that pays attention to service and spiritual connection. In the shopping consumption, people gradually transition from impulse to rational and emotional stage. One of the manifestations of this is that people no longer pursue those jewels of luxury, but are more willing to pay a relatively acceptable "high price" for personality, comfort and spiritual pleasure ". And this is the key to the rise of luxury furniture.

Richang-light luxury self-contained wood

In short, luxury furniture is not a complete luxury, but it has certain "luxury" elements. Taking the original design of Richang furniture as an example, as a kind of light luxury furniture, Richang adopts the best E0 plate in China in the selection of materials, which also eliminates people's worries about environmental protection.

In terms of design, Richang-light luxury and self-contained wood works also have unique originality: smooth and elegant lines, high-end solid wood luster in the calm wood color... fashionable and exquisite shapes are no less than luxury furniture on the market.

Richang-light luxury self-contained wood "light", in addition to the price performance is more close to the people, but also reflected in the purchase of consumers. Its main target consumer group is the new middle class. This kind of consumers usually have certain economic ability, have strong requirements for quality, and attach importance to spiritual feelings while pursuing personalization.

The emergence of light luxury furniture, on the one hand, satisfies the new middle class's pursuit of quality and fashion, and to a certain extent makes up for the regret that some people cannot afford luxury goods; on the other hand, it also brings high-end to ordinary consumers, The experience of exquisite life has won the favor of young people.


Generally speaking, with the popularity of all kinds of "light luxury" furniture, Richang-light luxury self-contained wood furniture will continue to think for customers. In addition to ensuring quality, it will continue to move forward in design innovation. After all, only by doing a good job in products and brands can we afford the support of our customers.

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