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Brand concept

Since the establishment of RICHART Richang Furniture, Richang people have been adhering to the unremitting pursuit of the core values of "professionalism, quality, responsibility, integrity and innovation". Always adhere to the service concept and attitude of providing you with high-quality living space with focused and mature experience, after more than 30 years of precipitation and development, the brand of RICHART Richang Furniture has enjoyed a wide range of popularity and high reputation at home and abroad, the products are not only popular in dozens of countries such as China, Europe, America, and the Middle East. The company is also committed to becoming the benchmark for the global high-end overall furniture design, and using five-star high-quality products to improve your quality of life!

Corporate Vision

With more designers to create and lead the trend of living environment, let the technology for the designer imagination more wings

spirit of enterprise

Dedication, Integrity, Team, Innovation

Business Strategy

Our strengths are not "design" but the performance of perfect design

Social responsibility

In the future, Richang will be more confident, better assume responsibility for interests, provide more and better products and services for the society, and contribute to social stability and economic development. The company will cooperate more precisely with all aspects, work together, and become the backbone of "sustainable development"

green environmental protection

Fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature is an important part of the sustainable development plan of Richang furniture. We have been committed to the construction of environmental protection and circular economy development

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