Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay Hotel

Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay Hotel

Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay Hotel

Located 28 kilometers east of Sanya City, this luxurious villa resort is located in a prime location in the picturesque Haitang Bay, 45 minutes from Sanya International Airport. The hotel's villas are hidden in secluded tropical gardens, just a step away from the natural beach, overlooking the rippling Begonia Bay. The hotel has 101 guest suites and villas, with endless sea views and garden views. The hotel opened on December 28, 2010, with lush gardens surrounding the villa and panoramic views of Haitang Bay. Holiday season, visit Sanya Haitang Bay Conrad Hotel, experience extraordinary luxury, new open the heart of the tropical trip.
The store has three restaurants, a lobby bar and a poolside bar. The round-the-clock restaurant allows you to experience three different styles of dishes at the same time; the Chinese restaurant serves special dishes full of Hainan flavor; and the special restaurant and bar provide all kinds of seafood from Hainan Island. Guests can enjoy wine or afternoon tea while enjoying the sea view in the lobby bar. Or you can choose to enjoy special drinks while sunbathing by the pool.
Recreational facilities provided by the hotel include swimming pool, water activities and gym. Four extra-large spa rooms can accommodate 12 guests at the same time, located on the edge of the beach, like being in the water, enjoying a spa treatment in the face of a calm, mirrored sea view, entering a state of complete ecstasy and relaxation. The hotel's private ballroom is ideal for business meetings, social events and wedding receptions.
New experience: it is understood that Sanya Haitang Bay Conrad Hotel is located 28 kilometers east of Sanya City, 45 minutes away from Sanya International Airport. The resort has created 101 independent and private holiday villas on the 435-meter-long white sand beach. Visitors can take a special luxury yacht to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Haitang Bay.
The most eye-catching in the hotel is its 500-square-meter presidential villa. The villa consists of four unit villas and a study-style unit villa, which is truly a private paradise. The Presidential Villa is also equipped with a private garden of 1,500 square meters, a swimming pool and an extra-large bathroom for guests to enjoy. All villas have independent balconies, all facing the rippling Begonia Bay, which is refreshing. (100T)

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