Shangri-La Resort Sanya

Shangri-La Resort Sanya

Shangri-La Resort Sanya

The morning sun shines through the window, and you lazily get up from the comfortable sleeping bed like a cloud, and come to the main swimming pool of Shangri-La, Sanya, and throw yourself into the arms of a blue pool.

After a swim and a delicious local breakfast, you are refreshed and set off with your family for the resort's exciting and exclusive adventure park. Here you will experience all the fun that the resort brings to you, from children's activities, nature trails, sand sea areas, challenge zones to beach volleyball and many other interesting leisure and entertainment facilities. You can feel Shangri-La's friendly and thoughtful service and warm smile when you participate in each activity.

After a wonderful day at the resort hotel, you and your family return to the comfortable family room for a break, while enjoying the charming scenery outside the window, while sharing a relaxing and relaxing vacation time.

As the gentle sea breeze blows across your cheeks, you come to the culinary stage to enjoy a sumptuous and exquisite dinner. The six "theater kitchens" here make you feel excited about the international cuisine cooked live. After dinner, come to the open-air bar Dragonfly Bar. Under the starry sky, you can enjoy a drink before going to bed. The relaxed atmosphere of the resort hotel at night makes you feel extremely happy.

Sanya Shangri-La, the best hospitality, from our hearts.

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