Shandong shengyuan hotel

Shandong shengyuan hotel

Shandong shengyuan hotel

shandong shengyuan international hotel belongs to shandong hongjia group. In the field of hotel services, Hongjia Group has Zibo's first Zibo Scenic Hua Ting Business Hotel built according to international four-star standards, Boxing Hotel, the only foreign-related hotel with the largest scale, the highest grade and the most complete functions in Boxing County, Shandong Province, and Zibo Qiwangfu Culture and Entertainment Plaza, known as the "flagship of Zibo entertainment industry", which is in a leading position in the city's hotel, culture and entertainment industry. So far, Hongjia Group has become a comprehensive enterprise group with ten subsidiaries. Shandong Shengyuan Hotel Management Group is currently in full swing. Shengyuan will be committed to building a high-star hotel-based products hotel management group. At the same time, Shengyuan International Hotel is actively preparing. It will be a high-star hotel favored by senior business people who are built on the standard of platinum five-star and integrated with conferences, catering, accommodation, entertainment, and leisure. The largest and most functional fitness center in Shandong Province will be built and put into use.
Zibo Shengyuan International Hotel is located in the heart of Hongjia Star City-Yuyang Lake. In the winding and quiet lake surrounded by green plants, it has gone through more than 5,000 years of spring and autumn, and is matched with modern leisure projects. The hotel's unique lake view room, Korean-style room, Japanese-style room and eight single-family villas are accompanied by 25 value-added close-fitting butler services, such as fitness training, check-out and ward-free rounds, customized meal list, etc., so that you can enjoy state guest-level courtesy and feel the care, the green lake water, the air is fresh and free from fine dust, feel the "pastoral pastoral" leisure life outside the city, experience the visual feast in the physical and mental relaxation, and appreciate the high quality and high standard of the top hotel in the metropolis.
Zibo Shengyuan International Hotel has various special guest rooms that can meet the needs of different guests. Here, you can feel the unique service of the hotel. Tired, the hotel is equipped with chess and mahjong, karaoke hall, tennis, billiards, outdoor golf, SPA, gym, indoor swimming pool, squash and other leisure items for you to choose, or come to the lake to feel the cool breeze and the blue sky. All kinds of restaurants with different styles and the high-end Yanabalone wings carefully managed by famous chefs at home and abroad, rare rare birds and game, health-preserving official cuisine, new concept Cantonese cuisine, Hunan cuisine, regional local cuisine and classic Southeast Asian cuisine will make you enjoy the feast, conference hall and report hall in the combination of delicious food, beautiful ware and beautiful scenery, its advanced LED full-frequency display, four-channel simultaneous interpretation, multimedia video and its supporting special conference channels, escalators, intelligent control of lighting and sound, etc., all highlight its high-tech import application and humanized convenience and comfort; The concept of quality life. It is the tenet pursued by the hotel. The hotel advocates the service concept of "treat guests as friends, treat guests as relatives, satisfy guests, and create surprises for guests", and make every guest who comes to the club feel more cordial and comfortable. Come here, take the weekend, bring your family or make an appointment with three or five friends, and feel the unique life outside the city.

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