Shaanxi Huaqing Aegean Hotel

Shaanxi Huaqing Aegean Hotel

Shaanxi Huaqing Aegean Hotel

Xi'an Huaqing Aegean International Hot Spring Hotel is an outdoor hot spring health resort hotel, and also a garden-style eco-tourism resort with the perfect combination of modern bathing culture, hot spring tourism culture and Tang Dynasty palace culture.
The Aegean Sea project has investigated the famous hot springs in Southeast Asia, Japan and China respectively, combined with the regional and cultural characteristics of the project. The overall planning is to fully combine the regional history and culture, and to show the elegant and dynamic feeling of the imperial concubine in a modern way.
Xi'an Huaqing Aegean International Hot Spring Hotel has a strong feeling of seaside vacation, which will make people feel relaxed, relaxed, return to nature, and have a wide view. The Yutang Pavilion seen along the road is also called "Jingsi Pavilion" (night view). A close look at the waterwheel, endless green pomegranate forest for a hundred years, quietly overlooking the beautiful scenery of Mount Li, makes people's thoughts extremely quiet and away from the noise of the city.
The unmodified pure natural volcanic lava at the entrance of the club is the original shape after the volcanic eruption. Hot springs and volcanoes are inseparable. The volcanic stones used in the hotel are the superior materials in the volcanic stones to ensure the ecological green theme of the hotel, no radiation and no pollution.
Xi 'an Huaqing Aegean International Hot Spring Hotel Hot Spring: The hot spring of Huaqing Pool runs through the underground, with a constant water temperature of 43 ℃ all the year round and is rich in various minerals. It is one of the highest grade hot spring water in the water quality testing standards of China Hot Spring Association and has very good recuperation and health care functions. "Hot spring water is slippery washing and coagulating fat" refers specifically to the hot spring water here. (There is a hot spring water quality test report).

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