Conrad Hotel Shenyang

Conrad Hotel Shenyang

Conrad Hotel Shenyang

Shenyang Conrad Hotel, located on the 66th to 88th floors of hang lung plaza, the municipal government, has a wide view of 270 degrees and can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the city. It is a new fashion landmark of Shenyang City.

The hotel is directly connected to the city's Henglong Plaza, shopping centers and cinemas are close at hand, adjacent to many high-end office rooms and well-known corporate offices. Starting from the hotel, you can walk to the Liaoning Grand Theater, and you can also easily take a bus to famous scenic spots such as the Forbidden City, Zhang's Shuai Fu, Beiling Park, etc. It is also very convenient to take a bus to Shenyang North Station. Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is only 25 kilometers away from the hotel and only 35 minutes by car.

Shenyang Conrad Hotel integrates traditional Chinese garden elements into the overall design of the hotel, creating an atmosphere of "garden in winter", aiming to provide a space full of novel ideas and inspiration for the new generation of travelers who advocate "wise and luxurious", and become an ideal place to stay.

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