Jiangsu-Nanjing New Jinling Hotel

Jiangsu-Nanjing New Jinling Hotel

Jiangsu-Nanjing New Jinling Hotel

Jinling Hotel is located in the northwest of Xinjiekou, Gulou District, Nanjing. It was once the tallest building in China and a landmark building in Nanjing. It is the first luxury five-star hotel in Jiangsu Province and is listed as the "landmark hotel of China's tourism industry". It has successively won the titles of "National Best five-star Hotel", "Top 50 Global Hotel Groups", "Top 10 China Tourism Group", "Top three Enterprises of China Local Hotel Group", "National Advanced Enterprise of quality Management", "National Brand Pioneer of China Hotel Industry", "Best Business Hotel in China", "Top Ten most popular Hotels in China" and so on.
Jinling Hotel is China's first large-scale modern hotel managed by the Chinese themselves. It has China's first high-rise revolving restaurant, China's first high-speed elevator, China's first high-rise helipad, and one of China's first six large-scale tourist hotels. Its main building was once the tallest building in China. Located on the 36th floor of the hotel, Xuan Palace is the first high-rise revolving restaurant in China. It is equipped with the first high-speed elevator in China. It only takes 29 seconds to reach the 36th floor from the bottom. The entire Xuan Palace rotates slowly at a speed of one hour. Sitting in the restaurant can overlook the whole picture of Nanjing.

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