Jiangsu-Nanjing Jiangning Wanda Realm Hotel

Jiangsu-Nanjing Jiangning Wanda Realm Hotel

Jiangsu-Nanjing Jiangning Wanda Realm Hotel

Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It has a complete range of leisure and entertainment venues, such as big singers, Wanda cinemas, shopping centers, etc., to meet your personal needs.
The hotel has 302 stylish and spacious guest rooms and suites. Each guest room is covered with WIFI and has "Wanda Jiahua Bed" and "Wonderful Dream" sleep aid series, allowing you to enjoy unique comfort. In the bathroom, all kinds of supplies are complete, as well as a separate bathtub and "tropical rain forest" shower.
With the innovation of "wonderful sleep experience" and "unique oriental cuisine", Wanda Jiahua Hotel in Nanjing specially provides warm and comfortable parking experience for Chinese and foreign business people. In addition, the hotel also shows the unique charm of nature, comfort and efficiency with its unique services such as "Wanda Jiahua Angel" and "Tea Tour.
There are a variety of restaurants in the hotel, including the "Gourmet" all-day restaurant, which provides guests with a wide range of international delicacies and local specialties, the "Tour Banquet" Chinese restaurant, which provides guests with exquisite Huaiyang cuisine, high-end Cantonese cuisine and local specialties, and the "Yan" specialty western restaurant, which provides authentic European classic cuisine, which is an excellent place for you to enjoy all kinds of delicacies.
Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel also has a large banquet hall and 7 elegant multi-function halls. Each function hall is equipped with the most advanced facilities to make each of your activities successful.

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