Jiangsu-Changzhou Fudu Deiss Hotel

Jiangsu-Changzhou Fudu Deiss Hotel

Jiangsu-Changzhou Fudu Deiss Hotel

Changzhou Fudu Deiss Hotel is located on the bustling main road in the city center. It is about 10 minutes' walk from Tianning Temple, one of the four major Buddhist temples in the southeast, Changzhou Open Park-Hongmei Park in the north, and Jiangnan Classical Garden Dongpo Park in the east. It is adjacent to Changzhou City Shopping Center and South Street. The crowd around the hotel is bustling with neon lights, full of vitality and vitality, just like being in a bustling international metropolis. Changzhou Fudu Deiss Hotel belongs to Wyndham Group, which is the top three boutique hotels in China from hardware to software. The rich and elegant European architectural style can feel the unique mysterious elegance of Western classical culture in all directions. The hotel has more than 100 (sets) of boutique rooms, and equipped with international standard bed and toiletries, so that you can enjoy a pleasant business trip in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel has a fitness room, billiards room, chess room, concierge desk can provide services such as car, salute storage. There is also parking and wireless network full coverage. In terms of catering, guests can enjoy a complete buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in the warm environment of the Coffee Show Western Restaurant, and can also taste exquisite local specialties in the Tianxianglou Chinese Restaurant. A senior banquet service team to provide you with professional meetings and personal service. In addition, all members of the Wyndham Hotel Group Rewards Program can enjoy exclusive VIP benefits.

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