Sheraton Huizhou-Golden Bay Resort Hotel

Sheraton Huizhou-Golden Bay Resort Hotel

Sheraton Huizhou-Golden Bay Resort Hotel

Sheraton Huizhou Golden Bay Resort is a high-star luxury resort hotel, located on the 16-kilometer coastline of Sunliao Golden Bay, which is known as "the last coastal virgin land in the Pearl River Delta. The rich tropical gardens and the endless verdant mountains surround the entire hotel. The scattered open-air swimming pool is dotted with exquisite and exquisite characteristic mineral spring bath. Walking here hand in hand with your lover, looking through the gap between the tropical trees of the hotel, the sea and the sky are connected, and the sunshine is reflected on the stone path through the gap of vegetation, beating like an elf, just like a fairyland with green hills and blue sea and blue sky. Sheraton Huizhou Golden Bay Resort has spacious, comfortable, luxurious and elegant rooms, including 14 suites. The room design is warm and elegant, full of modern atmosphere, all rooms have a view of the balcony. In the afternoon sun, I sat lazily on the balcony facing the sea, letting myself sink deep in the wide cane chair, sipping a cup of fragrant tea, and the breeze came, with a hint of leisure and a hint of the sea.

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