Hyatt Regency Hunan-Zhuzhou

Hyatt Regency Hunan-Zhuzhou

Hyatt Regency Hunan-Zhuzhou

Hyatt Hotel Zhuzhou is expected to open in the third quarter of 2019. Hyatt is a luxury hotel brand owned by the world-famous Hyatt International Hotel Group. It is located in the south of Xiangshui Bay Project and has a 3-kilometer Xiangjiang River coastline. The area is the construction location of Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt (Binjiang South Road Extension). The landscape and human resources are abundant. It is planned to build a series of important landscapes and landmark buildings such as yacht wharf and Du Fu Cultural Square, to create the scenery corridor and image window of Xiangjiang River scenery belt. The hotel has a total construction area of more than 46000 square meters and a building height of 88.6 meters. It includes 246 luxurious guest rooms and suites. It integrates international professional services, Chinese and Western exquisite catering, a heated swimming pool, and a fitness center. It integrates a modern atmosphere and aims to provide customers with a balance. The way of physical and mental hospitality. Push the window overlooking the Xiangjiang River Pentium River, the city of red dust and neon natural panoramic view. Guest reception, business meetings, banquets and so on, in the riverside, for Hunan celebrities to provide appropriate honor and courtesy.

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