Haosheng Hotel, Xinbu Island, Haikou

Haosheng Hotel, Xinbu Island, Haikou

Haosheng Hotel, Xinbu Island, Haikou

Haikou xinghaiwan haosheng hotel is located at the mouth of the nandu river on xinbu island, looking at the sea from the river and offering unlimited magnificent river views. it is a subtropical business and leisure resort hotel elaborately built by traditional Chinese details and modern southeast Asian customs elements. it is close to the 68000-square-meter xinghai bay water bank style street and xinbu island international yacht club. The guest rooms are elegant in design, fashionable in style and complete in facilities, which can bring you more comfortable and luxurious experience than expected. 180-degree independent viewing balcony, push the window to get a bird's eye view of the blue Nandu River and Jiangnan buildings, and have exclusive administrative floors to provide you with personalized private services. Haosheng Pavilion Chinese Restaurant serves classic Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and seafood, with 12 private rooms. Ginza Japanese cuisine cooks fresh and delicious Japanese cuisine for you. Haosheng Cafe is a collection of exotic delicacies, allowing you to feel the gluttonous delicacies of leisure and vacation. Building area of 1170 square meters of multi-functional conference center, equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment and wireless network services. The hotel is also equipped with a fitness center, spa, sauna and steam room, children's playground, chess and card room, outdoor swimming pool and hot spring pool, so that you can easily spend a pleasant holiday without leaving home. The hotel also has fashionable and beautiful, luxurious and romantic lawn weddings and yacht weddings, witnessed by the blue sky and white clouds and the fragrance of birds and flowers, and in the breath of infinite blue waters, we will join hands with our lovers for a lifetime and sail to the other side of happiness.

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