Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town Muliezhuang Hotel

Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town Muliezhuang Hotel

Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town Muliezhuang Hotel

Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town Mulianzhuang Hotel, as the first self-operated boutique hotel under Hejing Taifu Real Estate Holding Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Number: 1813), is located on Jinsui Road, CBD center of the prosperous and colorful Zhujiang New Town. Zhujiang Park and Guangdong Provincial Museum are adjacent to it. Many wonderful tourist attractions and dynamic commercial centers are only a few steps away. Located in the golden zone of the Pearl River New Town CBD, it is only a 10-minute drive from Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. The quiet Pearl River Park allows you to enjoy the natural tranquility in the bustling.
The hotel has a total of 160 rooms, including comfortable rooms, elite rooms, deluxe rooms and the unique Mulian rooms. In the full network era of wireless interconnection, you can certainly surf wireless WIFI high-speed surfing in any guest room in the hotel and enjoy high-definition full media digital. The 24-hour satellite TV gives you access to more than 50 TV channels worldwide.
"The heart meets nature"-the hotel is designed by Taiwan's well-known new design studio with unique creativity and Singapore's MAPS DESIGN STUDIO as the hotel's art and interior design consultant. The new modern and simple style perfectly integrates nature, art and elegance with the entire hotel space. With the faint fragrance of every breath, you can feel the art collection from all over the world.
Taste culture is the unique intention of Guangzhou Mulianzhuang Hotel. Here, your dignity and our atmosphere are harmoniously intertwined. We will use high-quality personalized service to make every guest feel star-like warm care and become your first choice for business travel.

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