China Hotel Guangzhou

China Hotel Guangzhou

China Hotel Guangzhou

Guangzhou China Hotel is the first large-scale Chinese-foreign cooperative hotel in China. It is also the flagship hotel of Marriott International Group in this fast-growing metropolis. It has successfully hosted business travelers and national leaders from all over the world.
China Hotel is located in the bustling center of Guangzhou. With its unique geographical location and attentive and thoughtful service, the hotel has been favored by business celebrities and tastes for many years. The completely renovated guest rooms and a series of new facilities combine traditional Chinese colors and world-class advanced level in design, and inject green and healthy living concept, reflecting the perfect combination of classic and fashion, leisure and business, fashion and environmental protection, bringing guests a comfortable and satisfactory parking experience.
The hotel has more than 800 elegant and well-equipped rooms to lead you to experience a comfortable parking experience. 5 Chinese and Western restaurants and bars, chefs, enjoy the Chinese and foreign food tour.
Li Lang Cafe offers global self-service cuisine. The Four Seasons Hall and Food Street interpret authentic Cantonese cuisine and delicacies from the north and south of the Yangtze River. Enjoy high-quality steak and fine western food in the pickpocket. In Martini Bar, taste Martini wine and cocktails and watch the sunset scenery of Guangzhou style.
The health center is well equipped with advanced equipment, sauna, hydraulic massage pool, fitness room, outdoor sunshine swimming pool and other facilities, bringing you wonderful and colorful leisure time.
The hotel is equipped with banks, Hong Kong-style tea restaurants, American fast food, etc. to help you travel efficiently and wonderfully. Experienced banquet team more carefully planned your wedding meeting. The newly renovated Regent Hall and Multi-function Hall with a total area of 1200 square meters at the end of 2016 are your ideal choice.

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