Kempinski Hotel De Anisée Guangzhou

Kempinski Hotel De Anisée Guangzhou

Kempinski Hotel De Anisée Guangzhou

Kempinski Hotel Guangzhou De Anlysee is located in Guangzhou, which has the reputation of "Flower City". It is located in Yuexiu District, the central city with a long cultural history and complete supporting facilities.
The hotel has more than 200 rooms and suites. Each room is designed with Lingnan art style and European luxury. It is unique and fully demonstrates the European modern decoration style, providing guests with a comfortable and elegant stay experience.
Located on the 3rd floor of the hotel, De'an Pavilion has a relaxed and exquisite atmosphere, providing guests with high-quality catering services and high-quality dining experience. It is an ideal place to enjoy comfortable leisure.
Located in the sports space on the 3rd floor of the hotel, it is equipped with a 25-meter indoor heated swimming pool and equipped with advanced fitness facilities, providing guests with a full-time sports experience.
The hotel building is certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-a pioneer in energy and environmental design, following the concept of sustainable development and green environmental protection.
The hotel air conditioning system is equipped with "ultraviolet sterilization" and "electrostatic dust removal" devices, which can effectively purify the air quality; the living water supply adopts activated carbon and ultraviolet sterilization system.

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