Guangzhou Conghua Dou Xi Tai Li Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Guangzhou Conghua Dou Xi Tai Li Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Guangzhou Conghua Dou Xi Tai Li Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Located in Conghua, Guangzhou, Conghua Dushi Hot Spring Resort has 133 luxury villas and guest rooms, each with an independent hot spring pool. A pleasant open-air spa experience is the hotel's main feature. The hotel has a total of 23 physiotherapy pools, aromatherapy pools, paddling pools, fish therapy pools, and the proud and featured Teri Spa with 5 gorgeous physiotherapy rooms, bringing guests a complete relaxation, stress relief and self-reshaping experience.
Duxi Taili brand adheres to the group's profound cultural tradition and long history of hospitality, bringing a private and hidden paradise, so that unique taste, energetic travelers enjoy high-quality stay experience. This brand aims to provide a unique place for travelers to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the world, so that the body and mind can be reborn.
The Doxitaili brand strives to create the ultimate all-round sensory experience, visually shocking design and meticulous service for passengers. The brand is committed to catering to the needs of the local market and is service-oriented. All of the Group's brands share the same philosophy-offering traditional Thai hospitality.
The hotel has a unique Thai SPA spa club, including indoor and outdoor hot spring swimming pools, 23 physiotherapy pools, aromatherapy pools, leisure pools, fish therapy pools, and a Thai Spa with 5 special physiotherapy rooms. Technicians from Thailand provide professional Thai SPA services, bringing guests an unlimited experience of completely relaxing, relieving stress and reshaping themselves.

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