Chengdu Poly Park 198 Project Lafayette Manor

Chengdu Poly Park 198 Project Lafayette Manor

Chengdu Poly Park 198 Project Lafayette Manor

Poly Park 198 project covers a total area of about 6500 mu, with a total construction area of more than 2 million square meters. The project is located on Shulong Avenue outside the North Third Ring Road of Chengdu, about 15 kilometers away from the center of Chengdu, about 30 minutes away from Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu, and about 6 kilometers away from Xindu New Town. The transportation is convenient. The fourth phase of Shulong Road has been directly connected to the third ring road, and the fifth phase of Shulong Road (the north extension line of Jianshe Road) will be directly connected to the Jianshe Road area. The setting of 6 lanes without traffic lights will be adopted to truly realize seamless connection with the Jianshe Road area.

Poly Park 198 is adjacent to Chengdu Botanical Garden in the north, Yinxing Garden in Tianhui Town, jinniu district in the west, Chengdu Panda Ecological Park in the southwest, Chengdu Beihu Park in the southeast, Mud Tuo Scenic Area, Fenghuangshan Wetland Park, etc. It belongs to the intersection of Chengdu's "15 square kilometers northern suburb scenic area" and "Chengdu 198 Ecological Corridor.

Poly Park 198 Project has the largest 2200 mu tulip park in Asia, which has been selected by many young couples as the first choice for wedding photos. At present, the only super five-star hotel in the north of the city, Poly Crown Hotel, opened for reception in 2011. Golden Apple Kindergarten China Forest Flagship Park has been fully completed and accepted enrollment. Its high-standard configuration is the envy of the whole city. Nearly 10,000 residents settled in Poly Park 198, more than hundreds of thousands of Chengdu citizens often go to the park 198 to participate in large city activities.

Poly Bauhinia Language is located in the east 198 of Poly Park, on the right side of Shulong Avenue towards Xindu. The west side of the project is facing 198 Butterfly Valley Golf Club, the east side is facing Wulongshan Park, the north side is facing Lafayette Manor 18-hole Championship Stadium, and the south side is facing Panda Town. It is the first high-rise elevator group launched in the east 198 of Poly Park. Poly Bauhinia Flower Language Project continues the 198 lineage of Poly Park and also has the noble quality of Lafayette Manor. The project covers a total area of 265 mu. Phase 1 is surrounded by 7 21F-33F elevator high-rise buildings. The apartment types range from 70-120 ㎡ full-function three-room two-hall single-bathroom, 88 ㎡ three-room two-hall double-bathroom, and 106 ㎡ three-room two-hall double-bathroom, the room has a view, and there is no wasted space in the room. Each apartment type of Poly Bauhinia language presents a large scale, with a large open room, a large atrium, a large field of vision, and both travel and home enjoy the atrium landscape. The room has a wide landscape and is good enough. It is Poly's innovative apartment product for young home buyers in 2012 and is also the chief youth leapfrog community built by Poly Real Estate.

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