Galaxy Macau Hotel

Galaxy Macau Hotel

Galaxy Macau Hotel

Galaxy Macau is a world-class five-star resort city with Asian characteristics. It has rooms and suites jointly created by Ritz-Carlton, Banyan Tree, Marriott, Okura Hotel and Galaxy Hotel. Alipay can be used in restaurants and shopping malls in the hotel, thus saving the time to exchange MOP. At the Broadway Theater in the Broadway Food Street, you can also enjoy a variety of interesting live performances.
Accommodation in Galaxy Macau: Galaxy Macau is currently hosting summer suite accommodation discounts. Its Ritz-Carlton Macau, Banyan Tree Macau, JW Marriott Macau, Grand Cang Macau, Galaxy Hotel and Broadway Hotel all have discount packages for different groups. The average family suite, for only HK $1598, can enjoy free play of Tianlang Tao Garden, free breakfast, free Broadway show tickets, and MOP $500 shopping coupons commonly used by more than 200 stores in the "Fashion Exchange" shopping center of galaxy macau.
The summer of my dream is just like this. The Tianlangtao Garden in Yinhe Resort covers an area of 75,000 square meters, with the world's largest aerial surfing pool and artificial beach, and the world's longest aerial torrent of 575 meters. The main part of Tianlang Tao Garden is built between the second and third floors of the hotel. So there is another name called "air surf pool". Hotel guests can play unlimited times in the "Tianlang Tao Garden" water park. When entering the air surfing pool, they need to swipe a room card. One room card allows two adults and children to enter free of charge. After swiping the card, the waiter will stamp on his arm, thus allowing unlimited access. You can see that many tourists are going with their families. It's a delight ~
Walking inside is completely the rhythm of the real island, the sun shines on the clear sea, and the deck chair is located on the long white sand beach, which makes people wonder where they are for a moment. Is it the lively and popular Southeast Asia or the South Pacific that I want to go to again? This is also the most popular man-made beach "Brown Yue Bay" in Tianlang Tao Garden ". The white sand beach and the tall palm trees, the sapphire blue bay, the countless water lovers inside, the artificial waves that roll up from time to time, set off a huge wave of 1.5 meters high just like coming to the real sea, everyone is surging in the blue waves, can't wait to break into the water world, enjoy the willfulness from summer immersed in the cool.

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