Xi'an Qujiang International Hotel-Xikan

Xi'an Qujiang International Hotel-Xikan

Xi'an Qujiang International Hotel-Xikan

Qujiang International Hotel is a foreign-related hotel wholly owned by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Xi'an Survey and Design Institute under Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group, a large state-owned enterprise.
Located in the core area of Qujiang culture, close to the Yanta Pagoda Music Fountain Square, and the famous Tang Dynasty royal temple Dacien Temple across the water, the Tang Sanzang Master came back to translate the famous classic "Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra". Datang Furong Garden is a repeat of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, allowing you to shuttle between history and reality. When the night comes, you can look out of the window and have a panoramic view of the whole Han and Tang dynasties. The colorful neon in the city that never sleeps in the Tang Dynasty will accompany you into a quiet dream.
The hotel decoration style is simple and elegant, and the beauty of the atmosphere is reflected in the glory of Bili. This is a platform for international exchanges, a gathering place for the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and a jewel at the starting point of the Silk Road.
Qujiang International Hotel has 380 guest rooms of various types, 9 large and small conference rooms and Chinese/western restaurants. It has a unique pillarless banquet hall of nearly 1,000 square meters, which integrates the charm of Han and Tang dynasties and the fragrance of ancient and modern times. It will focus on reflecting the traditional friendly enthusiasm of the ancient city and the hospitality of the ancient capital Xi 'an.
The transportation around Qujiang International Hotel is convenient, 43.5 kilometers away from Xi 'an Xianyang International Airport. 8 kilometers away from the railway station; 7.3 kilometers away from the bell tower; 2.3 kilometers away from Shaanxi Provincial History Museum; 6.9 kilometers away from the south gate; 1.0 kilometers away from Dayan Pagoda Square; 2.0 kilometers away from Qujiang Datang Furong Garden; 45 kilometers away from terracotta warriors; 3.1 kilometers away from Qujiang Expressway intersection, it is an ideal for your own travel.

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