Penguin Hotel Zhuhai Chimelong

Penguin Hotel Zhuhai Chimelong

Penguin Hotel Zhuhai Chimelong

Changlong Penguin Hotel takes polar penguin as its theme, with a total construction area of about 180000 square meters. It has 2000 warm and comfortable theme rooms, including polar room, temperate room, adventure room and penguin family room. In terms of catering facilities, there are two distinctive themed restaurants-Emperor Penguin Cafeteria and Food Street, both of which can have close contact with rare penguins; Fireworks Taichung Restaurant, which has a high-rise viewing platform to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the resort and the fireworks show of the Ocean Kingdom, and two outdoor food plazas-Ocean Food Plaza and Fountain Plaza Restaurant, as well as Children's Fun Gallery and Leisure Commercial District, which integrate parent-child entertainment and leisure desserts, foot massage center and gym, etc. The hotel is equipped with a fast passage to the ocean kingdom, and guests can walk to the entrance square of the ocean kingdom in 1 minute. it is a theme resort hotel that enjoys the splendor and joy of the ocean kingdom.

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