Wuhan-East Lake International Conference Center

Wuhan-East Lake International Conference Center

Wuhan-East Lake International Conference Center

East Lake International Center Building is located in the core area of Beijing. The office building covers an area of 80000 square meters, with a total construction area of 47000 square meters, a standard floor area of 1800 square meters, a bay area of 95-1385 square meters, a standard floor height of 3.3 meters, a total floor of 30 floors, with a utilization rate of of the building has convenient transportation and 10 minutes from the subway. 5A intelligent management service system air-conditioning equipment adopts American Carrier (carrier) air-conditioning unit security fire building. Each public part (lobby, skirt building, corridor, elevator hall, etc.) and writing room are equipped with spray, smoke sense, fire faucet, fire bolt and other equipment. Elevator brand 4 Mitsubishi passenger elevators, 2 Hitachi passenger elevators, 1 Mitsubishi fire elevator and freight elevator, the number of parking spaces in 4 Mitsubishi escalators is more than 220, and the parking fee is 600 underground. The 1200 yuan/month office has a 47,000 square meter complex with standard suspended ceiling, white wall, cement floor or fine decoration, commercial entertainment and leisure area left by customers. The project has a good reputation for high-quality service, as well as the entry of high-quality enterprises, and some of the existing area is for rent. 300 square meters of scientific and technological decoration, some office furniture, 500 square meters of film and television companies, 1000-1800 square meters of area for the whole floor of the project, can be inspected at any time, international standard Grade A office buildings, with a rich combination of commercial and retail formats, provide modern superior life multiple choices. System integration technology is through the integration of closed-circuit television monitoring system (CCTV), anti-theft alarm system, building automation system, access control system, parking lot management system, patrol system, wireless intercom system, etc., to achieve different systems and Yujiapu center remote sensing resource sharing connection. American fire fighting equipment Honeywell used to build a complete fire fighting system, realized with the fire station 24. The VAV variable air volume air conditioning system adopts the leading VAV variable air volume air conditioning system, which is partitioned inside and outside, comfortable and energy-saving, and the air conditioning noise is lower than 45dB (decibel), just like being in a quiet environment of a library. After high-standard and systematic filtration, sterilization and humidification of the outdoor collected air, it is evenly and slowly sent into the room by means of ground air supply type, top air supply type and so that each breath makes the office feel comfortable.

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